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The Valentines Day Retro 💕

New Retrospective - Where have your team lost that lovin' feeling?

I was recently reminded of an old template I'd created with a Valentines twist that I'd never formally released, here it is folks, just in time for Valentines day

Access the Miro and image below, plug & play into your own instances and let us know how you get on!

How does it work?

Melt the ice

Crowdsource as a team how your relationship with the last iteration felt. Are things complicated? Are you going solo as singletons or in a committed relationship?

Use the following 3 simple prompts;

"I Love you more than Tacos!"

What's do you love most about how we work?

What's giving you butterflies?

"Cupids arrow"

Where would you like cupids arrow to strike?

What would you like to have more love for about how we work?

Don't expose them to sunlight..

"You've lost that lovin feeling"

What have we fallen out of love with?

What isn't working for us that we need to change?

Happy retrospecting!


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Don't stop believin' folks

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