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The way we learn new skills is changing

Kudos on the visual by Roberto Ferraro

Not towards more certifications but longitudinal learning over time

And I love it!

So do my clients → Why?

1. Traditional 2-day certifications introduce theory 

↳ But don't allow enough time for practice 

2. Spaced repetition - [Think Duolingo]

↳ Like more reps in a gym - Practice aids remembering your learnings

3. Our needs change [Just like all plans!]

↳ A flexible syllabus lets learners re-prioritise what they learn next

4. Additional feedback loops with your trainer

↳ Enables practice AND reflection - Catching errors earlier

5. Reduced cognitive overload 

↳ Making it less like cramming for an exam

To be clear - I've got nothing against 2-day certifications or those that deliver them.

I just believe that developing:

- Competence

- Confidence

- Capability

- And Mastery

Is best achieved over time

Want some resources for the learning part?

I've got you:

1. 26 Agile Podcasts - Listen & learn for free -

2. 10 YouTube channels for visual learners -

3. 26 creators who teach me daily -

4. 21 books to help create change that lasts -

5. The Facilitators bookshelf - 22 books to flex your skills -

6. 25 books for Scrum Masters -

7. Global Agile conferences database -

8. Agile meetup database -

The practice part? That's down to you


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