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Hi, I'm Chris Stone

The Virtual Agile Coach

For ten years now I've been fostering an environment for success of high-performing teams and organizations through the use of the agility. I've worked across a wide range of industries and with some of the largest organizations in the world, as well as with smaller, more lean enterprises.

As The Virtual Agile coach,  I intend to enable frictionless innovation, regardless of location. I'm therefore a firm believer in enabling agility whilst working virtually. Through this platform, I'll share my advice, guidance, coaching, mentoring and training, along with a series of actionable experiments for you to try.

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Featuring The Virtual Agile Coach

Robin McAlpine.jpg

Robin McAlpine - Agile Coach @ BP

I worked with Chris as a fellow Agile Coach at bp where we collaborated on Agile Coaching Clinics and developed and an "Agile Learning Manifesto". Chris knows his Agile frameworks and is pragmatic in their application (as you have to bp!). He is open and friendly - encouraging others to embrace and contribute to the wider Agile community - and always willing to help others. He is deeply creative too - his Agile Escape Room was truely innovative. Would happily work with Chris again

Jon Sleeper.jpg

Jon Sleeper - Facilitator & Coach 

Chris is a great Agile coach to work with. He brings so much energy, drive and enthusiasm. And this is on top of his experience working in the field in industry and business helping teams to change and evolve using agile ways of working to do this.

Paul Mansell.jpg

Paul Mansell - Solutions Architect @ Wireless Logic

When Chris started at Wireless Logic we had little understanding of the Agile way of working, he soon changed that with the implementation of new methods and a toolset to compliment it. He has moved us from waterfall to a complete Agile development team in a few sprints. Using his knowledge of agile and the tools he has implemented as helped us improve both the quality and frequency of releases. Thanks Chris 


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