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The Red & Green Flags of Agile

Learn the signals to look out for in the agile world

In a community collaboration with 100’s of agile practitioners, I recently asked "What are the red and green flags of the agile world?"

I distilled some of the key findings down into the above two images

How should you use these?

Awareness - Being aware of these signals can be helpful when you’re working with new teams, clients or otherwise.

Decision making - Interviewing for a company or interviewing a candidate? If some of these come out, you might be on to a winner (or not).

Training - Why not use this to let learners know what to be on the look out for?

To access high resolution, downloadable versions of these, click below

What do you think? Is there something missing?

Red & Green Flags of Agile
Download ZIP • 280KB


Looking for an Agile community of practice?

The 'Virtually Agile' Slack community of practice is always welcoming of new members and is growing rapidly. This space intends to be community driven, neurodiverse place where people can share and learn from one another.

You, your colleagues and anyone interested is welcome to get involved.

Sign up here;

Don't stop believin' folks

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