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The Eminem Retro

New Retro - The Eminem Retro -If your team had one shot.. would they capture it?

Another musical themed retro for those musically inclined teams

Access the Miro and image below, plug & play into your own instances and let us know how you get on!

How does it work?

Melt the ice

Learn which song your team mates feel confident they could sing word for word.

Use the following prompts;

"If you had one shot.. One opportunity"

What opportunities should we seize in the next iteration?

What chances should we capture?

"Would the real Slim Shady please stand up?"

How could we bring our whole selves to work?

Where could we enable ourselves to 'stand up?'

"Cleanin out my closet"

Where do we need to clean out our closet?

What's distractions could we remove to help us focus?

"I'm not afraid to take a stand"

What should we be taking a stand against about how we work?

What isn't helping us as a team?

"Success is my only motherfuckin option"

Where are we succeeding as a team?

How can we make success our only option?

Happy retrospecting!


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Don't stop believin' folks

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