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Refreshing the Daily Scrum / Team Sync - Part 1

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

Stale questions, stale answers 🥱

Have you noticed any of the following during your daily meetings?

- Disengagement - People seem to be there just to provide their update without being interested in the progress others share

- The same answers coming up, over and over. People seem to be stuck working on the same things, progress is stalling

- It feels like a status report rather than a collaboration session aimed at maximising the chance of the team achieving its goals

Then try some of these alternatives to refresh your dailies.

Better yet, empower the team to choose which ones fit them best;

1. What am I doing today to help the team achieve its goals?

2. Where could I be helped today to progress what I'm working on?

3. Does everyone have what they need to focus on our top priority item?

4. What could we finish today if we pulled together as a team?

5. How could we finish X item and who has capacity to help with it?

6. Does anyone need an extra pair of eyes on something?

7. What small change would help our team deliver our current goal?

8 What successes do I want to share? Where should we be celebrating?

9. What learnings do I want others to benefit from?

10. How could we make our daily stand-up more meaningful for us?

I'm personally a fan of mixing up the questions every month.

What questions do you ask to keep your dailies fresh?


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Don't stop believin' folks

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