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New Template - The Sprint Goal Canvas - Music Edition

New Template / Canvas - The Sprint Goal Canvas - Music Edition

Continuing my mission to bring fun & engagement to the workplace, I was inspired this week to create a new template for those looking to energise the process of creating sprint goals.

My inspirations for this template came from a range of sources - My own experiences, Roman Pichlers sprint goal canvas, as well as some of the many writings of Maarten Dalmijn.

Access the Miro template below, plug & play into your own instances and let me know how you get on!

For those without a Miro / Mural license, I've included the option to access the image file which can be uploaded into many virtual whiteboarding tools, simply overlay the image with your own post-it's. No license? No problem.

Why use this template?

Sprint goals are often forgotten about. Maarten Dalmijn in this article describes them as the beating heart of Scrum, they align the team around the near-term vision & purpose and enable daily course correction and re-alignment - Are we as a team still progressing towards our goal?

Do you;

- Have a team that isn't yet using sprint goals?

- Find that your teams are using sprint goals but they are loose, vague or uninspiring?

- Want to experiment with a new approach to creating sprint goals that creates an auditory response, an engaging experience and an aligned, common connection to the goal?

Then try using the template! It may just help those involved visualise & achieve their goals.

As always, use, share, adjust this template for your own personal context. You have my permission to change it, I'm not precious

Notable things to think about;

- One Vision -

What's our vision for the end of the sprint?

What do hope to achieve?

What knowledge will we have gained, assumptions tested or results delivered?

- Lose yourself -

If you had just one shot to make the next sprint a success, which opportunities would you take?

How will we ensure our vision is met? What moments will we capture?

- Lego House -

What are the building blocks for achieving our sprint goal?

What's our hypothesis for what we think will happen?


- A little less conversation, a little more action -

What actions or results will tell us we've been successful?

How will we know our goal has been met?

What data or metrics do we need to measure?

As a bonus, why not encourage the team to visualise the next sprint with a song title, band name or song lyrics? These can easily be pulled into your workflow tool (JIRA, ADO et al) and remind the team of their goal.


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