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New Podcast episode - Mia Kolmodin - Founder of Dandy people

In the final episode of season 3 of the Virtually Agile podcast, I was joined by Mia Kolmodin, the founder of Dandy People, an Executive & Enterprise Agile Coach & Chief Enabling Officer.

Dandy people are responsible for some of my favourite visuals about agility including; Agile in a nutshell and agile leadership.

In this 30 min episode, we spoke about;

- Serious games and their benefits

- De-stigmatising failure & the biggest f#ck ups game

- The Dandy posters - Agile infographics



In the next episode of the show we 'Turn the podcast around' as I host L. David Marquet on intent based leadership.

Davids books 'Turn the ship around' & 'Leadership is language' have heavily influenced my own leadership style, look out for that episode soon!

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