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New Podcast episode -Geoff Watts on Servant Leadership, Organic Agility & Self Mastery

On this episode I was joined by Geoff Watts, an Agile Leadership coach & best selling author of such books as Product Mastery, Scrum Mastery & Team Mastery.

In the 41 min episode, we spoke about;

- Servant Leadership

- Organic Agility

- The great resignation

- Mastery including of ones self

The recording of the interview is available on my YouTube channel as well as on your podcasting platform of choice. Links available below;


Who else would you like to hear from on the show?

Would you like to be involved yourself? Don't hesitate to reach out.

In next weeks episode we hear from Rebecca Dainton (LeSS Practitioner, PSM ll, PSPO ll, KMP) an Agile Coach & Scrum Mum.

Don't stop believin' folks!

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