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New Metrics - Days since we last (DSL) 📅⏳

Help your teams identify areas for improvement

A work in progress for a new metric / approach we're building around measuring the days since a number of actions have been taken.

The intent of course being continuous improvement, spotting potential problems earlier and reducing risk.

The above visual captures some of my thinking so far. You may recognise 'Days since last customer interaction' in pride of place. This is something I'm a huge advocate for

This is very much work in progress and I'm keen on the thoughts of my community.

A few notes..

These metrics aren't:

- For comparison between teams or to be used as a performance measure at appraisals.

- I've tried to include metrics which are somewhat easily measured, i.e they don't rely on memory or an individuals perspective. They are likely tied to an event in the calendar, an artefact the team has, or a data point in a workflow tool.

- The red, amber, green will be contextual to your team / company / industry and those parameters should be customised accordingly.

- There are some leading indicators, some lagging.

How could you use these?

- Create a visual like the below and choose the metrics that apply for your team.

- Been a long time since we reviewed our charter? Let's get something in the diary!

- Haven't worked on tech debt for a while? We better get on that.

- Only spoke to a customer yesterday? Great, let's celebrate the fact we're being customer centric.

We've also created a list of 'DSL' metrics that a team could use:

  1. Held a retrospective

  2. Last completed a retro action

  3. We spoke to a customer

  4. We checked our team health

  5. Reviewed our DOD/DOR

  6. Reviewed our team charter or working agreements

  7. Reviewed our teams data / metrics

  8. Ran an experiment

  9. Tidied the backlog

  10. Demoed our product to stakeholders

  11. Held a knowledge sharing session

  12. 12. Invited disagreement or healthy conflict

  13. Cancelled one of our key ceremonies

  14. Didn't adhere to our team agreement or charter

  15. Were dependent on another team

  16. Exceeded our agreed WIP limit

  17. Failed to meet a sprint goal

  18. Created a sprint goal

  19. Synced with a team we have a dependency on

  20. We worked on tech debt

Pick and choose the ones that apply for your team & context, then expose the results visually using a traffic light system to prompt conversation

Retro template on this to come, plus more examples for different scenarios, e.g. team of teams and psychological safety.


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