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My tips for mental health on mental health day

Mental health day fell on my birthday this year and as someone who was diagnosed with depression a few months ago; I wanted to share some of my learnings on my journey to better mental health.

- Practice mindfulness. It can be easy to become stuck inside your own head, at war with your thoughts and therefore difficult to get perspective. Journalling daily helps me with perspective and spotting trends in how I'm feeling over time.

- Seek support. As a male, you grow up being told not to display emotion, that emotion is weakness and you don't want to be vulnerable. Mental health is becoming de-stigmatised and there are more people open to helping than you'd think.

- Find your distraction - Whether this is a creative outlet such as video creation, exercise, or video games. Find something you can invest your time in and distract yourself from your thoughts.

Regardless of what you do with your own mental health journey, know that you aren't alone. It's ok to #askforhelp

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