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It's time to change the way we change

Unfortunately most people don't know how.

 Why is this a problem?

 "The only constant in life is change" - Heraclitus

 - Introducing new ways of working → That's change

- New goals or Kpi's set? → Change is needed to achieve them

- Tooling like JIRA or AzureDevops brought in → You guessed it, it's change

Oh and another org restructure → Say it with me? 


And yet these changes are often inflicted

- Frameworks enforced

- Goals assigned 

- Yet another tool introduced to learn

One of the most powerful lessons I've learned in my 12 years in the agile domain

Invite change Don't inflict it

When you invite people to be part of change & clearly articulate why it's needed.

Then you:

- Demonstrate empathy

- Treat people like adults

- Minimise loss aversion

The result?

- Less resistance

- Greater autonomy 

- You create change that lasts

- People respect and trust you more

Looking for more help with change? 

Here's 3 bonus resources to help you

1. Build habits that make change sticky - Atomic Habits Cheatsheet -

2. Co-create change with people - Experiment Canvas -

3. Reflect on how change is going with the Ultimate cheat sheet for Retrospectives

Looking for something else?

More tips, tricks, tools & templates that will save you time & energy available at my members only community.


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