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Here's how to 5x the chance of a retrospective action being done

So that you can boost your team's chances of success

I've been involved in 100's of retrospectives over the years [And facilitated more than I can count]

One of the biggest problems I see & and the most common question people ask me when I speak at conferences:

"How can I improve the quality of retrospective actions?"

When the actions capture aren't well defined, here's what happens:

- The same actions come up →  Time after time

- Wasteful practices → Amplifying existing problems

- Reduced morale → And sometimes a loss of trust in the process entirely

An easy fix?

Make those actions SMARTER

Here's a visual I created showing you how. [Visual inspired by Colby Kultgen]

That you can use as a reference point

How to make Retrospective actions smarter

Specific → Team knows exactly [what] to do

Measurable → Quantifiable so they know it's [done]

Achievable → [Actionable] in the next few weeks

Relevant → Linkable back to product or strategic [goals]

Timebound → Exactly [when] they plan to do it

Easy (To start) → The resistance to [begin] isn't too high

Reflective → When progress will be reviewed

If you're looking for more tips, tricks, tools & templates that will save you time & energy then look at joining my members only community.


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