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Becoming agile - Why certifications alone won't cut it

Agile is action

There are over 270 agile certifications out there, new ones are created every week, yet not one of them will make you agile.

And I say that as a licensed trainer myself 🤔

Agility isn't: Just words on a manifesto, a framework, a methodology or a mindset, either fixed or growth

It isn't a shiny badge gained after a few days, or months of learning, or completing a tough exam

Agility isn't the announcement that you're scaling, or are now rebranded "Business Agility", the hire of a an agile transformation lead or the setting up of an agile community of practice

Agility definitely isn't changing your LinkedIn profile to say you're an Agile Coach after a few days of learning

These are all just signs you're on the journey to Agility, they don't make you agile

Agility is action.

It's showing up each & every day.

It's demonstrating behaviours that enables you to respond rapidly, learn fast, and adjust your approach to achieve your goals

It's continuous improvement, even if those changes don't show results immediately, they will aggregate to great things.

So next time you think about getting a new certificate, rolling out a new framework or hiring another agile consultant..

Try talking to your customers instead, it'll probably help you to become more agile than anything else listed above If you're looking for more tips, tricks, tools & templates that will save you time & energy then look at joining my members only community.


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