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Agile Coaching reality vs Expectations

Getting into Agile coaching can look glamorous from a distance

"Powerful questions you say?"

"Running workshops with sticky notes!"

How difficult can that be?

But your journey will resemble something like the below

[Mine certainly looked similar]

Agile coaching is as much a journey of self-discovery

↳ As one of helping people to continuously improve.

The more I learn

↳ the more I discover how much I don't know.

That I'm still a student.

Because bringing about change involves people

↳ And people are amazingly complex creatures


- Reading all the books

- Taking all the courses

- Listening to all the podcasts

- Devouring all the content on LinkedIn

Can only get you so far. They will expand your mind and unlock new thinking

But nothing beats:

- Learning through failing

- Discovering what you excel at [And what you don't]

- Working with people to listen, emphathise and understand

Because things get real when you do this ↑

That's where the real lessons are learned.

Looking for something else?

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