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44 Line Agile Masterclass

It was the 44th day of the 2024 so I decided to write a 44-line Agile Masterclass

Capturing some of my top learnings in my 12 year journey in the agile world

Let's get started.

1. Leaders care more about outcomes → Not agile

2. Imperfect action > perfect inaction → Take action & learn from it

3. Frequent feedback loops = More chance of building the right thing

4. People don't like forced change → Co-create change instead

5. Learn fast resonates better than fail fast - Especially with leadership

6. Customers don't care how many story points you deliver

7. Agile won't solve all your problems → Just expose them faster

8. Agile transformation is never complete → Evolve, don't transform

9. Individuals & interactions can be ENABLED by processes & tools

10. Innovation needs capacity → Make time for it

11. High frequency of customer interaction = Indicator of value delivery

12. Copy + paste frameworks are a scaffolding at best

13. We're humans first, employees second → Read that again

14. Estimates = not deadlines → Try probabilistic forecasting

15. Certifications are the start of your journey, not the end

16. Meetups & conferences will accelerate your career

17. The best time to start networking? Yesterday. The 2nd best time? Today

18. Everything = an experiment → Be more scientist

19. Knowledge is our most powerful asset - Retros share that knowledge

20. Learning how to communicate your value isn't emphasised enough

21. Limiting WIP is one of the easiest fixes to so many problems

22. We need to normalise admitting we don't know the answer

23. Talking psychological safety isn't enough → Create safety with action

24. We learn more from fails than wins but don't talk about them equally

25. Agile isn't the destination → It will help you reach it with less risk

26. It's ok to deviate from Scrum → Only 6% do it by the book

27. 100's of features delivered efficiently doesn't mean value

28. Focus more on removing waste (Features, bureaucracy)

29. Calling it "The business" reinforces siloes

30. We don't need to add 'Agile' in front of everything (HR, Marketing)

31. And sometimes Agile isn't even the answer

32. Remove dependencies → don't just manage them

32. Listening more than speaking = More respect

33. Just resorting to 'It depends' won't win you many fans

34. And only asking powerful questions won't cut it either

35. A co-created working agreement prevents 99% unhealthy conflict

36. While creating the environment for healthy conflict

37. Reframing it as 'Us' against the problem is an underrated skill

38. Continuous Improvement = team sport → Involving everyone, everyday

39. So don't wait for retros to identify opportunities

40. Or to flag problems holding us back

41. Daily habits get the results → Creating goals doesn't

42. A 1% improvement can always be made

43. Agile is the norm. So talk about it less

44. If the agile community can't agree what agile is - How do you expect others to?

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