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#AgileManifesto2020: Let's practice what we preach.

The Agile Manifesto needs an update.

How about another hard pill to swallow? We have failed as Agile practitioners when it comes to the Agile Manifesto.

Now, before you label me a witch and burn me at the stake, hear me out.. There is method to my madness.

Let's first examine the facts;

  • The pioneers behind the manifesto - were all software engineers.

  • They were all middle aged white males

Whilst this doesn't at all devalue their contribution, even the purist of agile purists will have a hard time convincing me that this represents a diverse lens through which to look.

All I am challenging here is that we practice what we preach as practitioners. We should as a community be regularly reviewing the manifesto to sense check if it is still relevant, OR could be improved. We should be refining it, or at least taking the time to examine IF it needs refinement.

From there, we shouldn't be waiting 20 years to review it again. Let's run an experiment, identify some metrics and use this as input into our next review.

I will be looking to facilitate an event that enables us to create this together. To give the community a voice, a more diverse one which represents the collective cultural experiences and capabilities we now have. This will be OUR version of the manifesto, that we as practitioners can commit to inspecting and adapting upon regularly.

In this event, we will define our hypothesis. Review the manifesto, consider if it is fit for the purpose for the current business & people context.

Signify your intent to join the experiment by putting in your email below. I can then get in touch about next steps.

To read more about this experiment, there is more detail available at the following link; 

#AgileManifesto2020: Welcome
#AgileManifesto2020: Blog Feed
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