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Shrek Retro

Shrek Retro


𝗧𝗵𝗲 Shrek Retro - What's layers do we need to peel back as a team?

Retro theme number 27 for 2021; Who doesn't love Shrek?


Download Miro template


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Why use this retro?


- Break the ice by working as a team to create Shrek from post-it notes


- Explore how you can improve as a team by metaphorically applying some of the films famous quotes. Identify how you can peel back some layers and acknowledge where things are difficult, what gum drop buttons we need to protect as a team, or what we need to be giving an eviction notice to.


- Because who doesn't love Shrek?


Caveat - I claim no ownership of any of the copyright material displayed

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