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Disney Retro by Steven Sampson Jones
  • Disney Retro by Steven Sampson Jones


    Fellow workshop enthusiast Steve Sampson-Jones has created this new hand-drawn bespoke workshop based on the Disney universe.


    Access the Miro template here;


    Download Miro template

    1) Step 1: Set the Stage - Kick off with a fun icebreaker, who can produce the best Mx. Potato Head.
    2) Step 2: Gather Data and Generate Insights - Using the visual prompts the team will dive into the main course of this template. Each of the concepts are designed to bring up feelings, talk about the positive stuff, recognise people and seek improvements.

    3) Step 3: Close the Retrospective - This is a fun way to end the retro where the team place their cursors over the appropriate character which represents how the session was in terms of collaboration, safety and that all opinions were accounted for.

    Special thanks to Laura Payten for the theme suggestion. And, shout out to Benjamin Dehant’s workshop templates, which are helping me push my own design capabilities.

    To view more of Stevens work - Check out his LinkedIn profile here;

    Neither Steve nor I claim any ownership to any of the copyright materials referenced within.

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