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Tobias Mayer challenged me to create an 'International Bat Appreciation Day' Retro!

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Challenge accepted!

Continuing my conversations with fellow agilists, this edition I spoke with Tobias Mayer, author of 'The Peoples Scrum' and someone that I love a good debate with.

The recording of our conversation is available below;

The audio isn't fantastic on my part in this session for some reason, however we spoke about;

- Healthy conflict and debate

- Agile agnosticism

- Updates to the Scrum guide

- Whether people are resources and what are the alternatives?

Alongside conversations with further agile leaders, I will also be looking to amplify the voices of those who don't necessarily get as much exposure. If you'd like to share your agile journey, advice and guidance, or just have a chat with me as part of this series, feel free to reach out!

Don't stop believin folks

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