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Halloween Retro Templates - Bundle💀🎃

Grab the free Halloween themed retros to help your team brew insights for the spooky season

We've conjured our Halloween-themed retros, and placed them into one easily downloadable file

Grab your free copy of these retro at the link below and use it in Miro, Mural or pretty much any virtual whiteboard you can think of,

Choose from;

The Halloween Retro - What spooks us most about how we work?

Shaun of the Dead - What’s your teams Zombie Apocalypse Plan

Horror movies - Beware, this retro is not for the faint of heart

Nightmare Before Christmas - “This is Halloween, everybody make a scene”

Haunted House - What demons do your teams need to exorcise?

Hocus Pocus - Gather around the cauldron to gain insights

Happy retrospecting!


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James Chan
James Chan
Oct 31, 2023

Found this via your LinkedIn post Chris. Love your work!


Andrea Navia
Andrea Navia
Oct 26, 2023

Thanks a bunch all this stuff are amazing and promote the good vibes in teams

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