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#AgileGameOfTheWeek - Battleships - All about feedback loops

I've not shared one of these posts for a while but I thought I'd kick these back off. My agile game of the week is a really simple one to contextualise the importance of feedback loops.

Battleships is a classic game wherein two people compete to sink each others ships. This website and version of the game allows you to experience what happens when you play the game with delayed feedback, as well as instant feedback.

Combine this with a Miro board to interactively examine with your teams how it feels to have played each of the rounds.

What were the challenges and outcomes when we had delayed feedback? How did it feel in this situation?

Compare and contrast the two rounds and encourage people to think about how they can enable faster feedback loops in their work and which agile ceremonies help with this.

Just another one for your repertoire of agile games and your toolkit.

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