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30 questions to bring the energy to your daily meetings

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

Shake up your daily meetings

Daily sync. Daily scrum. Daily standup. Team Huddle...

Whatever you call them. It's so often a waste of time.

Something people dread - A status report.

People wait their turn. Give their update and switch off. Frustrated by the disruption.

The solution?

Mix things up. Ask the team how it could be more valuable for them.


Pro Tip - Empower your team to choose those which fit their needs.


Try some of these alternatives:

1. What are we doing today to help the team achieve its goals?

2. Where could we be helped today to progress what we’re working on?

3. Does everyone have what they need to focus on our top priority item?

4. What could we finish today if we pulled together as a team?

5. How could we finish X item and who has capacity to help with it?

6. Does anyone need an extra pair of eyes on something?

7. What small change would help our team deliver our current goal? =Marginal Gains

8. What successes do I want to share? Where should we be celebrating?

9. What learnings do I want others to benefit from?

10. How could we make our daily more meaningful for us? = Continuous Improvement?

What do all teams have in common? We’ve all gotta eat.

Let's look at some food related questions:

11. Where do we need to chew something over? What do we need to rethink?

12. What burning in our teams 'oven'? What's do we need to focus on?

13. What 'recipes' could we share with the team? What tips or tricks might help us progress?

14. What's our missing ingredient as a team? What do we need to complete our work?

15. What would add a bit of spice to our work today? What would motivate us?

16. What's feels too large? What could we break into more digestible chunks?

17. Where are we making great progress right now? What are we hungry for more of?

18. What's consuming you? What's on your mind that the team could help with?

19. What's on the menu today? What are we cooking up that'll help us achieve our goal?

20. What isn't a priority right now? What could we let marinate for a few days so we can focus?

What else do people love? Something that transcends culture? Music

Let's start the playlist:
21. Time after time - Cyndi Lauper - What do we keep getting stuck with time after time?
22. Use Somebody - Kings of Leon - You know that I could use somebody.. Where do we need some help?

23. We are the champions! - Queen - Where do we feel like champions? What successes should we share?

24. Breathe - Prodigy - Where am I breathing the pressure? Where do we need a bit of breathing space today?

25. Happy - Pharell Williams - What are we happy about today? What progress are we making as a team?

26. Edge of Glory - Lady Gaga - Where are we on the edge of glory? What could we get over the line if we worked together?

27. Livin on a prayer - Jon Bonjovi - Where are we livin on a prayer? How could we pivot to improve our chances?

28. Can't get you out of my head - Kyle Minogue - What shouldn't we stop thinking about? What should be our biggest priority right now?

29. Relight my fire - Take That - What would motivate us today? What would help us achieve our goal?

30. All I do is win - DJ Khaled - Where are we winning right now? What have we achieved since we last spoke? Of course, these questions won’t provide all the answers, but they’ll give a stale meeting a much needed boost.


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