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23 creators who inspire me daily

They will help you to up your game and it'll cost you nothing.

These are the creators who generously share endless resources to help people grow.

Each of them:

- Challenge me

- Teach me

- Introduce me to new thinking

- Some of them are friends

- None of them are rivals

Collectively, their total LinkedIn following is well over 10,000,000

But that's just numbers.

The value they bring to the community is immense.

The Agilists (6)

Olina Glindevi ✏️ brings agile to life with beautiful visuals

Michael Lloyd dysfunction mapping creator with a no-nonsense approach

Maria Chec visually

Stefan Wolpers will help you avoid all the anti-patterns that hold you back

Jurgen Appelo a serial entrepreneur who doesn't take life too seriously and always delivers a great keynote

Jem Jelly a humorous take on the agile world (with substance)

Product Gurus (5)

Maarten Dalmijn 🙈 makes product simple

Paweł Huryn 🇺🇦 collates all the product resources you could ever need

Melissa Perri pushes the boundaries of product management education

Teresa Torres continuously discover product knowledge

David Pereira will help you untrap product teams

Leadership Specialists (4)

Rachel Turner Vast number of cheatsheet resources

Adam Grant always humanises the workplace

Kate Sotsenko get 'good busy' with all the productivity & times saving hacks.

Liz Fosslien visualises complex topics with beautifully simple illustrations

Brand Builders (5)

Jasmin Alić upped my LinkedIn carousel & comment game

Chase Dimond taught me how to write copy

Lea 🌈 Turner if Carlsberg made LinkedIn Trainers

Jackson Yew landing page and conversion specialist

Lara Acosta personal branding and beyond

The Spicybrains (2)

Ellie Middleton unmasking the challenges of ADHD & Autism

Jessica McCabe runs the 'How to ADHD' YouTube channel

Connect with these and others to help you continuously learn and grow 💪

Oh and of course there's always what I post, although most of our visitors have seen

my work on LinkedIn if you've missed any of it, feel free to follow me here ->


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