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The Retrospective Playbook - The Format Plays

The Retrospective Playbook - The Format Plays

  • The key to agility is continuous improvement
  • The key to continuous improvement is retrospection
  • At the heart of retrospection are people & interactions

This ebook shares a collection of ‘Plays’ to enable those interactions with your teams. They will be tools at your disposal, a series of weapons in your arsenal for creating an environment for continuous improvement. These can be employed and experimented with, adjusted, tailored, trialled, and errored with. Do with them as you please.

It won’t just describe the approaches you can use; it will provide you with templates that may also help you in your quest. The book is therefore an ecosystem for continuous improvement.

The 'Format' Plays shares some of the authors' favourite ways to hold a retrospective and bring about meaningful change.


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