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The Cricket Retrospective - Howzat?!?

The Cricket Retrospective - Howzat?!?


Good morning Sports fans!


Retro number #81 in my collection is the Cricket retrospective. This was actually one of the first retro templates I ever made, the original version however was far more raw and less refined looking.


This retro is intentionally a short one. Only 3 prompts, alongside a cricket scoring themed section to gauge how people are feeling about the last iteration. The lower the score, the bigger the problem.


I've found this themed retro has particularly resonated with teams that have colleagues based in India. It's resulted in more engagement & quieter voices speaking up when running it.


Access the Miro template below, plug & play into your own instances and let me know how you get on!


Download Templates


How it works?


Generate insights


Use the 3 prompts to generate insights about how the last iteration has gone.


- Where did the team hit it for six? What's going really well?

- Where were the team bowled out? What's not going so well?

- Howzat?! - Where do we need a third umpire, where do we need more support?


Rate your iteration


Further Inspect & Adapt by using cricket scoring. Ask the team to rate how they feel about the last iteration using the statements provided.


Individuals each get a vote from their individual perspective, average the score for each statement and add the total score from the 5 statements to the scoreboard at the top of the screen. The higher the score, the better.

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