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Failure Fest Template
  • Failure Fest Template


    Failure Fest Template


    I recently shared the Failure Fest Play, a meeting format that can help to destigmatise failure in the workplace by reframing failure as a learning opportunity.


    In a spurt of creativity last week, I created a template that will enable you to run a failure fest of your own.


    Download Miro template


    Detailed guidance built into the template but in summary;


    - Invoke Chatham house rules - Build the context for psychological safety from the start

    - Share failures - Use the sharing format to share your own failures. Celebrate those sharing with the emojis and stickers available.

    - Encourage diversity of thought by inviting others to share how they'd have handled such a situation

    - Build the wall of learning - Add learnings to the wall of learning to enable others to benefit from the lessons we learn from our failures

    - Vote for the best failure. Dot vote to award the epic failure trophy to the person who shared the best failure


    Access the template here;




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