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The Retro Builder Template - My 100th Retro 💯

New Retrospective - The Retro Builder Template

Here it is folks, my 100th Retrospective and it's a corker.

On my journey to one hundred templates I've delved into movie, television, music, food, video games and even the Queens Jubilee - RIP Queen Elizabeth

But I wanted to do more.

Rather than just hand you all a pre-made template, I wanted to empower you to create your own. To be inspired with ideas and build unique retros that you can share with the world.

So here it is, this Christmas I give to you the retro builder V1 template.

Here's a few stats behind it;

- It features 77 different retro templates

- It has 338 continuous improvement prompts to choose from

- It took me more hours than I care to share to build

- You can use it to build millions upon millions of different templates

There is enough permutations to keep your teams in fresh retrospectives until the heat death of the universe (perhaps a slight exaggeration).

How does it work?

As a facilitator

- Build a custom retrospective from the 100's of prompts available to provide a unique retrospective experience tailored to your teams microculture.

As a team

- Melt the ice by building the retrospective with your team

- Encourage teach team member to select a prompt each, copy and paste it to your template and then dot-vote to prioritise the ones most important to the team with the timebox available

Why not create a Frankenstein's monster hybrid template?

Use a mixture of music, television, film and sports themed prompts to create the strangest retro combination you can think of.

Don't forget to give your template a name and share your creations back with the agile community on LinkedIn using the #monsterretro

Step 1 - Choose your duration

30 mins = 3 Prompts

45 mins = 4 Prompts

1 hr = 5 Prompts

Step 2 - Search for prompts

Browse potential prompts by category or retro of origin

Step 3 - Select your prompts

Copy and paste your chosen prompts using Ctrl+C then Ctrl+V. Add your prompts to the blank template.

Step 3 - Run your retro

This template has millions of potential variations. It can be re-used over and over so there's no excuse for a boring retrospective. Enjoy!

To browse my full back catalogue of retro templates categorised by theme, click here;

Access the Miro template below plug & play into your own instances and let us know how you get on!


Looking for an Agile community of practice?

The 'Virtually Agile' Slack community of practice is always welcoming of new members and is growing rapidly. This space intends to be community driven, neurodiverse place where people can share and learn from one another.

You, your colleagues and anyone interested is welcome to get involved.

Sign up here;

Don't stop believin' folks

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