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The London Subway Retro

Plan the stops en route to your teams success

Created in honour of Lean Agile London / Lean Agile Global as part of my talk there last week, I give you the London Subway Retro

Grab a free copy of this retro at the link below and use it in Miro, Mural or pretty much any virtual whiteboard you can think of,

How does it work?

Use the following prompts;

Choose from the following prompts

Circle Line

What keeps coming up again & again?

What feels like we're going round in circles?

Northern Line

The Northern Line has several branches.

Which new directions or "branches" we should explore in how we work?

Central Line

The Central Line runs through the heart of London. What are the core things we do well that we must keep doing?

Jubilee Line

RIP Queen Elizabeth.

What milestones or achievements should we celebrate as a team? Where are we feeling Jubilant?

Metropolitan Line

Metropolitan lines cater to long distance and suburban areas.

What longer term goals do we need to prepare for?

What should we be planning for now?

Happy retrospecting!


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