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Updated: Sep 18, 2020

I uncovered the concept of a personal README as part of Management 3.0 and it immediately resonated with me. For those that aren't aware, a 'README' is like an operating manual for a person.

It let's those that haven't met me yet understand a little more about me, my ethos, my approach to topics such as feedback, learning and experimentation, how I prefer to communicate, as well as a few of my hobbies.

It can be a great way to onboard a new person, through encouraging them to explore other README files from those they work with and to create their own to be shared. This enables you to learn about one another asynchronously, and may prove a useful prompt for certain discussions about hobbies and ethos.

It can help you learn something about a colleague that you may perhaps only discover through months or years of working together as the question may simply not come up.

You can find my README here;

In addition, here is a link to some other README documents created by those working within Silicon Valley;

Has anyone else produced one of these? Would anyone like to share theirs?

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