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Once upon a Magical Retro

New Retro - Once upon a magical journey

In collaboration with my friends at the Agile Testing Days conference, I've pulled together this magical retrospective which if you've ever been to an ATD conference, you'll recognise the themes from.

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Access the Miro and image files for this template below, plug & play into your own instances and let us know how you get on!

How does it work?

Use the following prompts;

A touch of magic..

If I had a magical wand..

What's the first thing I'd change about how we work?

Our magical skills..

What skills or abilities would enchant our team further?

How can we create or obtain these?

Perils in our path..

What dragons do we need to slay?

What's going to get in the way of our success?

Happily ever after..

What would help our team to live happily ever after?

What do we need to enjoy our work more?

Our book of spells..

The spells & enchantments we'll use next to power up our team in the future..

Happy retrospecting!


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