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Meet Butter - An alternative to Zoom & Teams that's designed for facilitators

Butter - The Collaboration, not meeting platform

Have you checked out Butter yet? 🧈 14 day free trial & 30% discount on your first three months available below

I’ve been using it since their early days and have enjoyed seeing how the product has evolved.

What I love about Butter is that it's been built by facilitators, for facilitators.

I've been fortunate enough to have taken part in some of their design thinking workshops so have helped to shape some of the features.

Here's why I recommend trying it;

- It simplifies workshops by bringing all of your tools into one location.

Polling, virtual whiteboarding MURAL & Miro and other collaboration tools such as Google Docs.

No need to interrupt flow or juggle a million tools by directing people back and forth from various websites.

- Turn your meetings into experiences.

It’s an awesome alternative to Zoom or Teams that helps add energy and structure to workshops, training, and interactive meetings.

You can build in playlists from YouTube & Soundcloud directly into your workshops as well as use a huge range of 'reactions' and 'sound board audio' to bring life to your sessions and make them more immersive & engaging.

- Save on prep time with the session planner!

You can prep your agenda, breakout rooms and tools ahead of time and even template meetings or workshops for re-use by others.

Teams from Webflow, Canva and Hyper Island already trust Butter to get better outcomes from their sessions.

If you use it with my personal referral code, you’ll get a free 14-day Butter Pro trial and a 30% discount on your first 3 months of subscription: [See the link in the comments for my referral link]. 🔥

Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions on how I've found it useful

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