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Identify impediments impacting multiple teams using Impediment Bingo ⚠️

Here's another technique that I use to spot problems that are holding companies back from improving.

It can be a fun way to highlight the challenges we're facing and is great for use during a town hall, or a scaled retrospective.

Why use Impediment Bingo?

- To narrow in and create awareness on systemic impediments holding your company back

- To identify the teams most in need of support from leadership

How to use it

1. Ask participants to share the top things holding their teams back from delivering value. Anonymously using a tool like menti, or on a virtual whiteboard works well.

2. Add these impediments to the grid, removing any duplicates.

3. Representatives from each team then use an icon that represents their team and places it in each section of the grid that has an impediment holding their team back.

4. The impediments with the highest number of icons are systemic. Highlight these for attention. Any team scoring a BINGO, or affected by the most impediments is in need of additional support.

5. Pair this with an experiment canvas to co-create the path forwards with those impacted by it for best results.

Click the below to access the template


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