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From Status Report to "How can I support?"

54% of managers admitted to using 1:1 meetings as a status report.

Which actively feels like we're being managed, rather than supported.



Let's shift those 1:1's to something more meaningful.

Here's 10 questions you can try today:




What's top of your mind right now? Let them set the agenda. Adjust accordingly


​What's holding you back from achieving your top priority?

Align around priorities, then remove their obstacles.


What's one thing that could make your work more enjoyable? Be intentional about creating work that bring people joy.


What tasks or moments did you find draining or unfulfilling recently?

Pinpoint the areas of work that leech energy & motivation.


What's the worst way I could support you as a line manager?

Use reverse brainstorming to unlock fresh insights.


What are you eager to try, or learn that you haven't had the opportunity to yet? Match current passions to existing priorities. Motivation ⬆️


Where has our communication faltered? What examples can you share?

Catch communication challenges early. Before frustrations build.


​What would you like to achieve by X Date - How can I help?

Let's talk about their priorities, not just ours.


What have past managers done that have inspired or motivated you? Be curious about what management style best fits them.


How could our 1:1s be a better use of your time? Design a valuable feedback loop for both parties.


11. Where could I experiment next month to improve the way I support you?

Always look for ways you can improve yourself.

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