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13 podcasts hosted by Women in Agile

A list of Podcasts you should check out

We don't need to wait for a nominated day to amplify the celebrate the great work women are doing.

Let's give these the spotlight they deserve!

1. The Agile Book Club - Justyna Pindel

2. Product Thinking - Melissa Perri

3. Change by Attraction - Esther Derby

4. #TheAgileWay - Zuzana (Zuzi) Sochova

5. Agile State of Mind - Maria Chec

6. Women in Agile Podcast - Leslie J. Morse

7. The Podcast by the Agile Coaching Round Table - Ramya Shastri

8. Agile Leaders Conversations - Chuen Chuen Yeo 杨荃荃

9. Organizational Transformation KungFu - Sandi Verrecchia MBA, CMC, MCC, C.Dir & Jennifer T. Long

10. Agile Ideas by Agile Management Office - Fatimah Abbouchi

11. Casa de Cambio - Natasha Redman

12. The Delivery Space - Nisha Joshi & Sharon Williams

13. Productea with Leah Leah Tharin

Some of these podcasts are fairly new.

Your support might help them get off the ground.

If you're looking for more tips, tricks, tools & templates that will save you time & energy then look at joining my members only community.


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