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Continuous Improvement Practitioner

The Scrum Mastery Pathway™️ is a cohort-based support and development package over six months, designed to help Scrum Masters go from good to great through a combination of classroom, coaching and community.

You won't just follow a rigid syllabus.


We'll take you through the application of agile theory within your context, helping you navigate the challenges you face in the workplace.

Because a 2 day course just isn't enough.

Hear from our learners

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"With over 12 years experience as an Agilist, I found the Scrum Mastery Pathway to be transformative, reigniting my approach with creativity and insights along with practical techniques and fostering invaluable peer connections.


Whether you're new to Agile or an established practitioner, this course offers fresh insights, mentoring opportunities, and a burst of creativity that will significantly elevate your Agile journey.

Andy Nash
Agile Coach

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6-Month Scrum Mastery Pathway - Virtual


July24 - Jan25

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6-Month Scrum Mastery Pathway - Virtual


Sep24 - Mar25

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the Navigator sessions?
    The Navigator Sessions enable the learners to influence where we focus our time together. Meeting you where you are, our guides will coach you through the specific challenges you've been tackling or are about to tackle in your organisations. A typical Navigator session lasts up to 3 hours per month and could involve, - A deep dive into topics such as psychological safety - Case studies with your cohort based on real-life scenarios - Putting newly developed skills into practice Read this post for more details
  • When are the Navigator sessions?
    This can be flexibly agreed with your Licensed Guide and each cohort can decide on a different approach based on their circumstances. Ultimately, there are 15 hours worth of coaching sessions that can be used. Most cohorts tend to have one session per month and may even spread them out over longer than six months. Some go for fortnightly sessions.
  • Will I receive a certification as part of a pathway?
    Upon full completion of a 6-month pathway, a learner will receive three industry-recognised certifications. For the Scrum Mastery Pathway, these certifications are shown below,
  • How much time commitment is involved?
    In total, you’ll receive a minimum of 6 days contact time with your guide and your cohort. This is structured as follows, - Two-Day Explorer workshop at the beginning of your journey - Five Monthly navigator sessions for up to 3 hours per month - Two-Day Adventurer workshop to close out your journey
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